User Benefit

Pawning has never been so convenient!

BidPawn connects local pawn shops and potential customers by providing a platform where you can post bids, receive deals and approve the one that suits you best.  It doesn’t matter if you want to pawn jewelry or a giant TV set, with the new BidPawn App you do not have to leave your house or office until you find the best offer from a pawn shop.

Download the App to create a user profile and you will be able to upload pictures of your products with your cash requirements and send them to your most convenient pawn shops, receive their offers and finally decide on the best deal.  It’s that simple!

More Benefits…

  1. Pawnacity offers you quick and most importantly a convenient way to access cash and short term loan by connecting you with a verified pawnbroker
  2. No more driving around the city to get a quote
  3. BidPawn provides privacy protection (no one will know you are pawning with the exception of the pawnbroker you’re working with)
  4. Start the pawning process from your smartphone
  5. Know your options before heading out of the door by communicating with the pawn shop
  6. Receive the amount of cash that you actually need to take care of what is important to you
  7. Pawnshops will offer you the best services available
  8. Check pawnshops profile and location information
  9. Shop for bargains on used and new items listed by pawnbrokers
  10. Only pawnbrokers will provide you offers on your items