Pawnbroker’s Benefits.

Welcome Pawnbrokers,

We know that technology has changed the way the world does business. And now, the technology revolution has come to the pawnshop industry. is a website dedicated to promoting local and online pawnshops to potential customers. The new BidPawn Application allows customers wanting to pawn, to upload items into our user friendly App and to select a pawnshop of their choice to do business with.

BidPawn’s Application is connecting pawnbrokers with people looking to pawn their merchandise while at the same time providing customers with a safe, secure, fast, and convenient way to pawn so that the customer can secure what it’s important to them such as paying the rent or any other concerns.

Our goal in developing the App is to help those in need of cash and direct them to a pawnshop that is willing to help them in this bad economic. Also, we want to inform the customer that pawning is safe, secure and is the easiest and most convenient way to acquire cash without any struggles such as background or credit cards check.

Pawnshop Benefits

With the new BidPawn App your pawnshop has a unique platform that will enable your business to,

  • Connect with more customers, not just locally but from others cities.
  • Receive new leads.
  • Showcase inventory globally.
  • Facilitate and smooth out the progress of the pawing process.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Save thousands by letting us do the marketing for you.
  • Sell all of your merchandise.

BidPawn is an exclusive company dedicated to pawnbrokers because:

  • New, Unique, And Exclusive website for pawnshops
  • The general public will know more about pawnshops’ services
  • BidPawn’s Website and Application will only promote pawnbrokers
  • Pawnshops will sell unclaimed merchandise faster and to the world, not just locally
  • Pawnshops will bring new customer that wants to close the deal
  • Promoting pawnshops beyond their communities
  • Unlimited opportunities to grow your business without making sacrifices